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DSLC Services Transitions & Diversions

Are you or someone you know exiting a nursing home, skilled nursing facility, mental health hospital or other institutional setting. Do you need to support to return to community living? DSLC provides comprehensive person-centered planning, short-term service coordination, and on occasion provide needed equipment or supplies.

Photo of an adult daughter in a wheelchair with her older mother together smilling.
Photo of a caretaker nurse with a protective mask with a patient she's checking on.

If you need assistance transitioning back into the community.

DSLC can support you in many ways. Transitions may be used to assist with a consumer's transition from a more restricted setting, such as an emergency shelter, temporary housing, or hospitals, into the community setting of their choice.

Examples of more restrictive settings include:

  • Licensed skilled nursing facility
  • Intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled
  • State Hospital for the Mentally Ill
  • Developmental Center
  • Rehabilitation hospital
  • California Veterans Home
  • Group home
  • Acute Care Hospital

Youth Transition may be used to transition youth from parent's home, foster care into a community setting of their own choice.

Diversion Services

Diversion services are when an individual is at-risk of going into an institutional setting and needs assistance with activities of daily living.

Examples of diversion situations:

  • Has been hospitalized
  • Has been displaced by a disaster
  • Is in an emergency shelter
  • Is in temporary housing
  • Is living in a homeless shelter
  • Is homeless
  • Is at imminent risk of entering an institution
Photo of a man seated in a wheelchair as he embraces in handshake with another person out of frame.