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DSLC Services Benefits Counseling / Health Systems

DSLC Benefits Advocates assist consumers with information, explanations, examples, and options as they navigate the often confusing and complex public benefits programs. As a Center for Independent Living, DSLC focuses on Self-Advocacy and Self-Empowerment as we assist consumers to understand these programs and their options.

Photo of a young girl and her mother smiling together with protective masks.

Some Examples of Public Benefits Programs:

  • Initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) for SSDI and/or SSI
  • Overpayments or reduction in monthly payments for SSDI and/or SSI
  • Returning to work on SSDI and/or SSI – This includes Ticket To Work information, SSDI and/or SSI Work Incentives, and Plan To Achieve Self-Support (PASS)
  • State of CA State Disability Insurance (SDI) – Basic information on how to apply
  • IHSS
  • Medi-Cal
  • Medicare
  • County Medical Services Program (CMSP)
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) - Basic information on how to apply and how system works
  • CalFresh & General Assistance (GA) - Basic information on how to apply
  • Special Needs Trusts and CalABLE – Basic information

Benefits Advocates do not offer advice or make choices for consumers – consumers make their own choices. In support of the Independent Living Philosophy, DSLC does not provide case management.