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DSLC Services Home Access Modifications (HAM)

If you are an individual with a disability, or one that is becoming disabled, the DSLC Home Access Modification Program will install ramps, lifts, grab-bars, and other devices to provide access to your home at no cost to you.

Home Access Modifications (HAM) is only available to Sonoma County residents at this time.

Photo close-up of a hand gripping a bathroom grab bar.

About the HAM Program

If you qualify, the HAM Program will conduct the necessary assessments and make needed modifications to your home.

The DSLC's Housing Access Modification (HAM) Program is locally funded, helps seniors, veterans and people with disabilities gain, maintain or extend access to their homes that would otherwise be lost due to the hardship associated with a disability.

This program provides accessible modifications to consumers' homes, such as installing wheelchair elevator lifts, building interior and exterior ramps, installing grab bars, roll-in showers, and other adaptable bathroom equipment, widening doorways, installing adaptable hardware on sinks and doors, and installing flashing light warning systems for the hearing impaired.

All work is done to code and is completed by licensed contractors contracted by DSLC. This program received an award in 2000 from the National Organization on Disability for improving access in Sonoma County for people with disabilities.

“It's great to know you can get out and go – no stairs to climb.” – Edith Bell, DSLC consumer

Eligibility & Guidelines

Who is eligible?

The HAM Program is available to persons with disabilities who reside in Sonoma County. At times, there are waiting lists.

What does it cost?

The HAM Program is FREE to Sonoma County residents with disabilities that meet income and other qualifications. The Program is funded by grants from Sonoma County, the City of Petaluma, the City of Santa Rosa, and the City of Napa.

Are there income restrictions?

One-person household
$65,550 annually

Two-person household
$76,050 annually

What kind of modifications are available?

  • Building interior and exterior ramps and porch lifts.
  • Installing grab bars and other adaptable bathroom equipment such as hand- held shower-heads, roll-in showers, raised toilet seats, tub benches, etc.
  • Widening doorways.
  • Installing appliance control adapters and lever activated handles on faucets and doors.
  • Adjusting the height of light switches, outlets, cupboards, counters, etc.
  • Installing flashing light warning systems for the doorbell, telephone, smoke detector, etc.
  • Providing tactile labeling and color coding on appliances and walking surfaces.