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Meet Our Staff

Everybody on our staff is ready to assist you with your needs and concerns. Visit our Contact Us page to send us an email or call us for more assistance.

Santa Rosa Main Office

Adam Brown Executive Director

Since 2006, Adam Brown has been the Executive Director at Disability Services and Legal Center (DSLC). Mr. Brown, an Attorney, has been employed by DSLC since 1997, managing the Disability Law Clinic and serving as Legal Director for the agency. Also, since 2000, Mr. Brown has taught Administrative Law/Disability Practice at Empire College School of Law. Additionally, since 2016, he has also a Professor of Law and Ethics at Bergin University of Canine Studies. Prior to joining DSLC, Mr. Brown was employed by the Massachusetts Office on Disability and the Disability Rights Center, Inc.

Jordan Rico Program Director

Jordan spent his first year with DSLC overseeing the DDAR program. In his first year with the organization, Jordan dispersed over 80 Yeti battery systems, all 50 of DSLC's solar charging units and helped 100+ consumers initiate or create an emergency preparedness plan. Jordan has a strong passion for working with and for people in need. Jordan earned his Associate Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the SRJC, he is also a certified administrator for a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). He has worked with large and local organizations that handle vocational services, ABA therapy, job coaching and more. Jordan also serves as the Project Coordinator for the ADRC project and most recently volunteered to Co-Chair Sonoma County's Access & Functional Needs (AFN) Committee.

Ann Galantine Finance Director

Ann has been with Disability Services & Legal Center for over 15 years. She works closely with the Executive Director, and the DSLC Board of Directors to secure a safe and secure financial position for the organization. Ann develops the DSLC annual budget, gathering past and future fiscal data that will be sent off to more than ten agencies for funding. She manages the day-to-day agency finances, bills funders for payment on grants and for the annual financial audit that ensure DSLC's transparency. Ann likes local history, walking and badminton games at the office. Plus, she has two Basset Hounds that she and her husband adore and are at their beckon call.

Veronica Castro Office Manager

Veronica came to DSLC in 2019, as our Office Manager. Her enthusiasm and passion for her position is clearly seen. Being in a fast-paced environment which she enjoys, gives her the drive to enjoy her day! Veronica is the first point of contact and is always more than willing to help those in need. She provides our DSLC consumers with top notch customer service and our clients are certain that their needs are met. She is bilingual and able to support our Spanish speaking clients. Her goal is to help our clients find resources to help them live independently despite any challenges they may face.

Lisa Trumbly Paralegal

Lisa Renee Trumbly began her legal career in 1979, and serves as Paralegal and Legal Clinic Coordinator for the Disability Services and Legal Center, since 2009. Under the direction of supervising attorney and Executive Director Adam Brown, Lisa assists in advocating for disabled individuals seeking Social Security disability benefits. Lisa conducts individualized assessments, group orientations, together with outreach throughout our communities. She reviews letters of denial and cessation of benefits from SSA; assists with assessing benefits; filing appeals; and guides consumers through the appeal process.

Suzie Lindsay HAM/AT Coordinator

Suzie was born and raised in California, growing up in the Eureka Area up until she decided to pursue her studies and move to Santa Rosa. Suzie attended Empire College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business. Shortly after graduating Suzie began to work for a company now under Wells Fargo Insurance for well over 20 years, where she was in charge of the insurance certificate department. After retiring, Suzie managed to start her own business in 2014 and is now known as the Santa Rosa Bubble Lady. Wanting to do more for her community Suzie joined DSLC to help seniors and people with disabilities have access to their communities.

Michelle Aung ADRC Coordinator

Michelle Aung has been with DSLC since 2020 and is currently the Aging & Disability Resource Center Coordinator. She is originally from the Bay Area, but she has made Sonoma County her home for about seven years. She has completed her Bachelors in Human Development and minor in Sociology at Sonoma State University. Michelle has always been passionate about helping others and had many volunteer experiences with Rotary and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Michelle is grateful for the opportunity to help the different individuals and communities. Her goal is to continue to be an advocate to help improve the life of those with disabilities and increase her knowledge on disability rights.

Kimi Matsuda Housing Coordinator

Originally from San Francisco, Kimi has made Sonoma County her home for the last 6 years. She completed her Bachelors at Sonoma State University and is currently attending SSU again for the Master of Public Administration program with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. She is passionate about genuinely making a positive difference in the lives of others. She was first inspired when she volunteered in Colombia with at-risk youth girls. There she was able to immerse myself in the culture, connecting with different individuals and their specific needs. By assisting with equitable resources her goal is to uplift and aid her community.

Collin Thoma Systems Change Advocate

Collin graduated from Sonoma State University in 2020 with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a minor in American Multi-Cultural Studies. In June of 2021 Collin joined DLSC as their Systems Change Advocate. The goal of the Systems Change Advocate is to make life more accessible for people with Disabilities. His major areas of advocacy include housing, transportation, elections, emergency and evacuation planning. Collin has a learning disability and understands the challenges that come with disabilities. Since joining DSLC, Collin has joined several committees to represent the disability community and ensure our voice is heard. He has been involved with numerous planning projects by advocating for the unmet needs and, raising awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. His biggest accomplishment has been holding a number of focus groups with the County of Sonoma and City of Santa Rosa planning departments. Collin plans to continue his advocacy as he aspires to go into State Government.

Steven Vera DDAR Coordinator

Steven Vera has been with DSLC since April 2022 and is currently the Disability Disaster Access & Resources Coordinator. He is originally from the Bay Area, but attended and graduated from Sonoma State University. Steven has always had a strong passion for helping others in need. Steven is more than grateful for the opportunity to help and create a positive impact of the community. Steven will strive to continue to provide adequate service for those affected by disasters.

Noelia Brambila Health Systems Navigator

Noelia recently joined the DSLC team as our Health Systems Navigator. She works closely with our consumers to ensure they understand the resources available to them and that they feel confident to pursue them. She received her Bachelors at Sonoma State University where her spark to help others only grew. In the recent future she hopes to pursue getting a law degree.

Parker Chin Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Parker Chin is the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the Santa Rosa branch of Disability Services & Legal Center and is our newest team member. Parker's duty is to provide individualized and geographically specific disaster preparedness training, disaster preparedness plans, and resources to facilitate construction of disaster preparedness kits (referred to as "go-bags"). Through Parker's experience as a Boy Scout and former YMCA Adventure Guide, he has developed a propensity to remain prepared for any situation he may encounter and has successfully implemented and executed numerous disaster preparedness plans in critical situations. Parker hopes to impart his experiential knowledge to all whom he encounters so our community remains safe and prepared in times of unpredictability.

Napa Branch Office

Patricia Sullivan Services Coordinator

Patricia has been with the Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC) Napa branch office since 2016 and is currently working on the Covid-19 Outreach Project for the Sonoma County Aging & Disability Resource Center and DSLC assisting seniors and people with disabilities particularly in Sonoma; She also assists consumers in Napa, Mendocino and Lake Counties to access COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters. She shares with designated consumers DSLC's Services which will help to maintain or improve their quality of life and ability to live as independently as possible. Patricia spends a considerable amount of time volunteering in Napa. She is an Executive Committee Member-at-Large and member of the Napa County Mental Health Board, a member of the Napa County Mental Health Stakeholder's Advisory Committee, a Director of Napa Valley Community Housing Board of Directors and more. Patricia has a B.S. in Hospitality Management from Nova Southeastern University, and has an Associates of Occupational Studies. Patricia is certified in the QRP Suicide Prevention Gatekeepers Program, she completed Suscol Intertribal Council's: "Native American Historical Trauma & Traditional Healing Project" and She is a member of Alliance Francaise in Napa.

Victor Hurtado IL Advocate

Victor grew up in the Napa Valley. He attended Napa Valley college and obtained an Associate's Degree in Administration of Justice as well as a Paralegal certificate. He is also fluent in both English and Spanish. He's always had a passion for helping others, especially those in vulnerable or underrepresented populations. Victor has a passion for the law, which has only strengthened his belief in helping others. Working as an Independent Living Advocate at DSLC has helped him better relate to and understand people in the disability community. It has helped him to become even more driven and committed to assist others to become independent, and strive to reach their full potential. Victor also acts as a Benefits Counselor, assisting others with SSI and SSDI programs, as well as Overpayment issues. Victor is on various disability advocacy committees (Napa Valley COAD, COAD/AFN Committee, Voter's Choice Napa (VCN) Committee- promoting voter education and voting rights & accessibility, as well as the Napa Disability Committee Meeting. Ultimately, working at DSLC enables Victor to give back to my Community, as he was assisted by kind-hearted and passionate people growing up with a disability in Napa.

Ngan Le IL Advocate

Independent Living Advocate Ngan Le has been with DSLC since October of 2021. Ngan assist consumers with any benefits applications such as SSI or SSDI. Ngan is a 2020 graduate from Sacramento State with a Bachelor of Arts in Children and Adolescent Development. Ngan always had an interest in working in her community and helping others understand their local resources and programs. Ngan has four years of experience with working with children and adults with developmental disabilities and hopes to continue this journey with DSLC by advocating for their rights.

Ukiah Branch Office

Corrina Avila IL Advocate

Corrina is a Multicultural Bilingual IL Advocate who embraces her own disability. Being aware of the services needed in rural Lake and Mendocino counties, Corrina has been dedicated to keeping our branch office open. Corrina serves our community by providing information, explanations, examples, and options for the application and appeals process for State Disability Insurance, Social Security Benefits, and other needs base programs. Corrina has chosen her work in Human Services because I see the need for compassionate providers, who want to provide the tools for self-advocacy and empowerment.

Jossen Quinonez IL Advocate

Jossen has been with DLSC since fall of 2020, and currently transitioned from CARES Coordinator to our Ukiah branch as an Independent Living Advocate. Jossen is originally from Ecuador, but moved to Los Angeles when he was 17 and established a life in the U.S. Later enrolling in Sonoma State University where he is working to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Global Studies. Jossen is grateful for the many different opportunities, experiences and people he has had the privilege to meet during his time at DSLC, and is motivated to build relationships with individual Consumers and their stories.