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DSLC Services Housing

The DSLC's Housing Program helps disabled homeless, at-risk individuals and their families secure permanent, accessible and affordable housing. 96% of the individuals and families housed over the past 10 years have remained so, with no return to the streets, area shelters or transitional housing programs.

Photo of a young woman with a set of house keys hugging a young man with moving boxes in the background.

Our Housing Program

The Housing Search Assistance Program's focus is to provide housing search information, training, and referral to people with disabilities seeking accessible and affordable housing.

The current housing market has made it increasingly difficult for people with disabilities to secure adequate housing.

The Santa Rosa branch office maintains current listings of property management agencies, and rental complexes locally.

Our housing coordinator also has access to crisis resources for qualified individuals facing rental deposits, late rent and other critical family needs. These resources include the HCA and Season of Sharing funds, among others.

At DSLC, we examine many aspects of housing, such as:

  • Advocating for your needs.
  • Roommates and shared housing.
  • Selling yourself to landlords.
  • Working with bad credit history or prior evictions.
  • Subsidized housing.
  • Community resources for rental move-in cost assistance.
  • Tips for keeping your rental and stretching your dollars.

DSLC's housing coordinator is actively involved in advocacy efforts directed at systems change on local, state and national levels. Our team works closely with the Sonoma County Housing Authority, City of Santa Rosa, Continuum of Care, Task Force on the Homeless and other municipalities, housing agencies and groups working towards the development of affordable, accessible housing.